On Hiring - it's recruiting brainfood for the week ahead - Issue #42

Hey Everyone, Welcome to Issue No42 of On Hiring.This week, we see a new segment on talks / podcasts,

Hung Lee

July 30 · Issue #42 · View online
It's recruiting brainfood for the week ahead

Hey Everyone, 

Welcome to Issue No42 of On Hiring.

This week, we see a new segment on talks / podcasts, a superb slide deck on the impact of AI on HR, a veritable barrage of goodies from our buddies at LinkedIn and the usual collection of the useful and cool in the world of recruiting. 

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Hung Lee is the founder of WorkShape.io - the revolutionary recruiting platform for Software engineers

The Problem with Being a Top Performer
Man+ Machine - Fundamentals of AI and Recruiting
Difference between Machine Learning, Data Science, AI, Deep Learning, and Statistics
Inside the mind of today's candidate
Introducing LinkedIn Matched Audiences
LinkedIn Now Lets You Search Your Connection’s Connections
Gender Pay Gap - Bunkum?
Hunter TechLookup
Andrew Ng: Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and the Future of Humanity
Future of Workforce with Blockchain
Is Your Job About To Disappear?
The State of Developer Ecosystem 2017
The Ultimate List of 400+ Slack Communities
Who's Talking?
Recruiting Futures Ep 98: High Velocity Hiring
The Chad & Cheese Podcast - Google Hire Official Launch
Episode 037 – I Hate Your Apply Button – The Talent Cast
RECex - Recruitment Explained
What the Hack is Tech Recruiting Episode #3 - Hung Lee from Workshape.io
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Recruitment Manager, Playtech, London, United Kingdom
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Head of Talent, Notion Capital, London, United Kingdom
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End Notes
I’m in London for the next week, so if you want to talk tech hiring or the future of the planet catch up me there. Otherwise, ping me on Twitter @HungLee or email hung@workshape.io
Enjoy the week everybody!
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