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  • Recruiting friends - if you are keen to keep up to date with the latest recruiting industry news as well as cool insights and resources, you should check out Recruiting Brainfood - a weekly newsletter curated by Hung Lee
    Tracy Quinn
    Global Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Manager, Mondelez
  • Fast becoming one of the most important resources in the recruitment business. Consistently delivers informative and interesting content. Sign up
    Steve Jacobs
    Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition EMEA, Ivalua
  • OK recruiters listen up. This is important. Hung Lee is curating the newsletter of all newsletter: Recruiting Brainfood. Get a copy, read it and put it into practice
    Oscar Mager
    Founder, Evertalent
  • Good lord. This week's Recruiting Brainfood is gooood. Hung Lee just keeps finding great stuff. Why aren't you reading it?
    James Ellis
    Lead Employer Brand Consultant, Proactive Talent
  • For all of those recruiters out there, I cannot recommend highly enough the wonderful weekly newsletter, Recruiting Brainfood. Full of tips, tricks and consistently great recruitment content. Sign up!
    Jack Cox
    In-house Recruiter
  • Excellent newsletter - I recommend
    Irina Shamaeva
    Direct, Braingain Recruiting
  • If your New Year's resolution is to up your game in the recruitment space, then sign up to Hung Lee's brilliantly curated newsletter, Recruiting Brainfood. I can't recommend it enough
    Geraldine Butler-Wright
    VP People & Culture, Yoyo Wallet
  • I have started reading Recruiting Brainfood and I have to say, pound for pound, it is one of the best resources around. Very informative and full of interesting updates and links to smart stuff. I subscribe - you should too
    Greg Savage
    Principal, The Savage Truth
  • Must read newsletter for all things talent and HR
    Josh Biniecki
    Engineering & Product Hiring, Hootsuite
  • If you work in recruitment or talent acquisiton or HR, and have not yet signed up to Recruiting Brainfood, I'd highly recommend you do so
    Oliver Urpi
    Recruitment Lead, Facebook
  • It's a Sunday morning treasure trove. I'm always impressed by what Hung unearths and includes. This is far from mundane. Join the tribe - it's worth it
    Katrina Collier
    Candidate Engagement Author & Speaker, The Robot Proof Recruiter
  • Consistently edgy, thoughtful and useful
    John Sumser
    Editor, HRExaminer
  • One of the best things to happen to my inbox was discovering Hung's weekly newsletter, Recruiting Brainfood. I've known Hung for years and he's one of the sharpest people in our space. His newsletter goes beyond recruiting. It stands alone in our space. Subscribe and find out why
    Lars Schmidt
    Founder, Amplify
  • If you are in recruiting or talent acquisition then I couldn't recommend Recruiting Brainfood highly enough. It's a brilliantly curated knowledge resource
    Matt Alder
    Host, The Recruiting Future Podcast
  • “This Sunday brunch ritual is catching on. Like to have my eggs sunny side up whilst reading Recruiting Brainfood. It's like a speedy recap and update for what you need in the week ahead. Try it out....I mean the eggs and the brainfood!”
    Manjuri Sinha
    Global Team Lead, Talent Acquistion, Zalando
  • Week in, week out, Hung drops TA / recruitment truths directly into your inbox, covering all things from tools to tech and everything in between. If you're in recruitment, you need to sign up to this - it's a cracking way to start the week
    Neil Gunning
    Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Cover Genius
  • “If you haven't already subscribed to Recruiting Brainfood, I highly recommend you do so. It's a brilliantly curated weekly newsletter "”
    David Green
    Director, Insight222
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