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Welcome Issue No10 of On Hiring! Some great original content again this week produced by recruiting practitioners and software developers alike, as well as primary research from the likes HackerRank, Glassdoor and Balderton Capital.

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Hung Lee is the founder of Workshape.io – the revolutionary hiring platform for software engineers

Balderton – European Talent Landscape 2016

On Getting Old(er) in Tech

Which Universities Have the Best Coders in the World?

Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award Winners Revealed

LinkedIn Removes Premium Search Filters

Outsmart Your Own Biases

Your Career Depends on Adopting High Touch Job Hunting

Multiple Jobholders Hits 21st Century High, As Full-Time Jobs Tumble

My Google Internship

Hacker News: Who Is Hiring Trends

Pretty People Make the Best Employees

Small Things That Will Tell You About A Person’s Personality

How Meetup Ditched Its Boys Club

Displaced by Automation in Shanghai

Good Copy • Email copy from great companies

Who’s Hiring
There’s only one job to worry about this week – check out theTalent Acquisition Manager role at our buddies at Workable. Superb to see the success of this company, makers of the one of the most impressive ATS’s seen in recent years. Help them grow and apply for this job! Based Boston, USA.
End Notes
I’m in London again this week, in what will probably the last week of work before Christmas season takes over business. Reach out to me on twitter @HungLee or by email [email protected] if you want to talk tech hiring and the future of the planet.

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