Friends, we’ve hit our centenary – it’s Issue 100 of Recruiting Brainfood.
This journey started nearly two years ago because I felt that the ‘Internet had got too big’. There was great content out there but it was too hard for busy people to find amongst the noise of everything else. Brainfood is my attempt to make the internet smaller – a place where recruiters and HR pro’s can guarantee only top quality, mentally stimulating, practically useful, human curated, original content from a diverse range of voices in the our industry.
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The Brainfood
Interview Guidelines for Game Changers

Occupations and Their Ideologies

Candidate “Commitment Theory”

How Humans and AI Are Working Together in 1,500 Companies

How Much Does Your Country Invest in R&D?

Design Thinking in Business and Workplace Gender Bias

Did You Notice? New Ways to X-Ray LinkedIn

The Videos Candidates Actually Want to See

How Customer-Driven Copy Helped HubSpot Increase Conversions by Nearly 100%

World Inequality Report 2018

What’s On?
Nordic Recruitment Days Stockholm

Hiring Success Europe

HR Tech Demo Day

Who’s Talking?
The Future of Work and All Those Rumours

Understanding Unconscious Bias

Amazon Unleashes Tweeting Worker Zombies

Who’s Hiring?
Senior HRBP, BASF, Prague, Czech Republic
Technical Recruiter, Scede, London, UK
Games Technical Recruiter, Scede, London, UK
Technical Talent Sourcer, Scede, London, UK
HR Administrator (m/f), Blinkist, Berlin, Germany
Head of People & Organisation, zLabels, Berlin, Germany
Senior Talent Sourcer, Zalando, Berlin, Germany
Internal Recruiter, Freetrade, London, UK
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End notes
I’ve got 3 days in steamy Bangkok, having spent an incredible 10 days in Australia. On the home leg now, two more stops before finally heading home in mid Sept. Get in touch if you want to talk recruiting or the future of the planet. These days, I’d do it for a BBQ scorpion.
Have a great week everybody.