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Thanks to all those who contributed to the brainfood poll last week. Resounding vote of confidence for Slack as online community channel of choice, with 53.57% of the overall vote. Facebook Groups next with 28.57%, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and everyone one else, also rans. Food for thought – more later on this.
Special thanks this week to:
Daniela Geatti, Luca Cicatelli, Steve Othen, Mark Beavan, Jo Weech, Adam Treitler, Shawn Rogers, Kevin Green, Christopher Platts, John Bersentes, Cor Hersbach, Martin Poole, Steve Jacobs, Mark Beavan, Audrey Bailly, Joe Mullings, Nick Mortimer, Hélène Fleisch, Umar Balal, Sophie Adelman, Ilona Jurkiewicz – thank you for your shout outs for brainfood last week. It’s the massive help to keep the community growing. Thanks!
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Head of Technical Recruiting, AppNexus, New York, USA
Talent Advisor, MYOB, Melbourne, Australia
Talent Engagement Manager (m/f/d), Spark Networks, Berlin, Germany
Inhouse Recruiter – Tech, Zopa, London, UK
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End notes
Back in London this week for the rest of the week. Turns out I have a behind-the-tiles pipe leak in the bathroom which means I had to turn the mains off last night. So if you’re in London and want to talk recruiting or the future of the planet, message me on here or DM on Twitter. I’ll do it for the use of your shower.
Have a great week everybody.