Q: What events to attend in 2019?
People have been asking me this question for the past few months. As usual, I didn’t know, so I’m asking YOU – the brainfooder community – for help. Check out the Big List of Recruiting / HR Events to Attend in 2019. Over 150+ already there but far from complete or comprehensive. Take a look, and add an event that should be there – and then forward the above link to someone else who might find it useful.
By next week, we’ll all have the answers.
Special thanks this week to:
Adam Gordon, Gautam Ghosh, Josh Biniecki, Denis Dinkevich, Steve Bebbington, Garry Turner, Kevin Green, Jose Luis Rodriguez Alves, Tris Revill, Os Fuentes, Apostolos Lymperis, Steve Jacobs, Andrew Packiarajah, Robert Newry, Matt Jennison, Steven Davis, Jes Osrow, Teresa Degischer, Gautam Ghosh, Laura Petrescu, Teri Gibson, Kasi Schulz, Paul Dewick, Dov Zavadskis, Richard Hutchinson, Rob Long, Matthew Bradburn, Liam Reese and my old mate Jo Avent for the public shout out last week – superb support as always.
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Big List Of Recruiting / HR Events To Attend In 2019

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End notes
I’m back in Utrecht this week for my buddies at OnRecruit’s inaugural event Direct2018. So if you’re around and want to talk hiring or the future of the planet, give me a shout on twitter or Instagram. I’d do it for a piece of Gouda.
Have a great week everybody.