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Providing greater opportunity for brainfooders to connect with each other has been one of my main objectives for 2019. We’re always going to be a newsletter and you’ll always get this good stuff on Sunday. But it could be that some of you want to connect with other members of the community, and just see what’s up.
So we now have an already highly engaged online community, and also have just launched a weekly online talk show, which will feature guests from the community, including many of those who are the original content creators of the brainfood in the first place.
Our sequence is going to be: we first share the brainfood on Sunday via this newsletter, discuss it Mon-Thurs in the group, and the broadcast any deeper learnings via livestream on Friday. Think: ‘Brainfood, now over 3 courses’.
Everyone here is welcome to join in.
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Hung Lee is the founder of WorkShape.io – the revolutionary recruiting platform for Software engineers


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L&D Manager, Malcolm Hollis, London, UK
Talent Acquisition Specialist (12 month FTC), Nando’s UK, Manchester, UK
Tech Recruiting Manager, N26, Berlin, Germany
Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, Wooga, Berlin, Germany
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Tech Engineering Recruiter, Zalando, Berlin, Germany
Tech Product Recruiter, Zalando, Berlin, Germany
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Talent Partner – Sales, Twilio, London / Dublin, UK / Ireland
Senior Manager – Sales Recruiting EMEA, Twilio, London / Dublin, UK / Ireland
Talent Acquisition Manager (m/f/d), Project-A, Berlin, Germany
Technical Sourcing Recruiter, Transferwise, Budapest, Hungary
Technical Sourcing Recruiter, Transferwise, Tallinn, Estonia
Recruiter, Product Design, Deliveroo, London, UK
Senior Recruiter, Novartis, Prague, Czech Republic
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End notes
I’ll be in London for this week and attending BeaNY19 on Thursday night. So if you’re town and want to talk hiring or the future of the planet over a cocktail courtesy of Broadbean, message me Twitter or Instagram. I’ll have a with a drink with ya
Have a great week everybody.