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Who’s Hiring?
Technical Recruiter, Uber, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Technical Sourcer EMEA, Uber, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Senior Sales Recruiter, Uber, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Senior Corporate Recruiter EMEA, Uber, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Leadership Recruiter, Technology, Uber, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Recruiter EMEA, Uber, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Senior Talent Sourcer EMEA, Uber, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Senior Engineering Recruiter, Uber, Sofia, Bulgaria
Startup Recruiter, OneUp, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Talent Acquisition Manager (m/w/x), Doctorlib, Berlin, Germany
HR Operations Manager (m/w/x), Doctorlib, Berlin, Germany
Manager, Talent Acquisition, Western Union, San Francisco, USA
Recruiter, Hubspot, Berlin, Germany
Senior Technical Recruiter (w/m/d), HeyJobs, Berlin, Germany
Head of Recruiting (m/w/d), HeyJobs, Berlin, Germany
Recruitment Advisor, Weetabix, Burton Latimer, UK
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I’m at NextTech with Enterprise Ireland on Tuesday, then learning about how great Brexit is going to be with Workable on Wednesday. If you’re at these two places and want to talk hiring and the future of the planet, message at Twitter or Instagram. I’ll do it for a hot toddy, as it’s going to be freezing.
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