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The Brainfood
How Does the LinkedIn Algorithm Work in 2019?

Stop Talking About Your Company Culture—Just Do These 6 Things

DiG Facebook Group Scraper Extension

Trouble Hiring Senior Engineers? It’s Probably You

State vs Privately-educated Grads? How NOT to Measure Social Mobility in Recruitment

Matchmaker Who Flirts on Dating Apps for You

How I Hired Family Without Realising It

Theresa May Swears At The Press

Competing Forces Shaping 2030

Finally, A Personality Quiz Backed By Science

The World Is Choking On Digital Pollution

What’s On?
RecFest 2019

Big List Of Events To Attend In 2019

Who’s Talking?
HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast

Who’s Hiring?
HR & Recruitment Associate, Quicargo, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Talent Acquisition Partner, Kindred Group, London, UK
Talent Acquisition Partner, Kindred Group, Stockholm, Sweden
Head of People, Workplace & Culture, Bending Spoons, Milan, Italy
Talent Sourcing Team Lead – Europe, Pepsico, Barcelona, Spain
Talent Acquisition Consultant, Signify, Amsterdam/Eindhoven, Netherlands
Talent Architect, BCGDV, Berlin, Germany
Talent Co-ordinator, BCGDV, Berlin, Germany
Recruiter, Amazon, London or Luxembourg or Munich (UK, Lux or Germany)
Talent & Culture Partner, Create + Adapt, London, UK
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I’m at the Social Talent / SmartRecruiters meet up in WeWork later this week, where I’ll be giving a talk on whether tech will be empowering recruiters. Join me there if you can or message me Twitter or Instagram if you think it’s too cold to venture out – I’ll understand.
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