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Who’s Hiring?
Associate Talent Acquisition (f/m/d), Delivery Hero, Berlin, Germany
Recruiter, Business Functions, Zalando, Berlin, Germany
People Insights Consultant, Zalando, Berlin, Germany
Head of Talent Acquisition, Kindred Group, London, UK
Technical Recruiter, Synthace, London, UK
HR Business Partner (m/f), Blinkist, Berlin, Germany
HR Business Partner, PFK Francis Clarke, Exeter, UK
Learning & Change Specialist, PFK Francis Clarke, Exeter, UK
Senior Talent Attraction Manager (f/m/d), Blacklane, Berlin, Germany
Talent Acquisition Consultant, Chaucer, London, UK
Senior Talent Attraction Manager (f/m/d), Blacklane, Berlin, Germany
Global Tech Recruiter, Adyen, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Recruitment & Assessment Officer, Southeastern Railways, Tonbridge, UK
Head of People, Elvie, London, UK
HR & Office Co-ordinator, Elvie, London, UK
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Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to cancel my trip to Dublin this week – many thanks to Pat Gaughan for being so understanding. So I will be in London this week, so if you want talk hiring and the future of the planet, message me at Twitter or Instagram
Have a great week everybody.