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Staying clear of politics in this newsletter is proving to be impossible. Lately, I’ve come to realise that if we’re to do a honest job of representing important trends in recruitment and HR, then we cannot ignore the seismic political changes currently underway in the world today.

It’s clear that the Trump administration – and associated vassals in Europe – are moving aggressively to unpick the global order which the US themselves set up and managed. It’s anti-globalisation, anti-immigration, anti-diversity, anti-equality, perhaps even anti-technology.

On Hiring will contain articles which touch upon each of these areas. What do the planned changes for the H-1B visa mean for the Silicon Valley? What does the open discrimination of people based on their religious affiliation mean for D&I? What does it mean when the President of the United States instructs his female staff to ‘dress like women’?

As individuals who work with human capital, its long been our duty to guide our employers to better standards of behaviour. These standards emerged from values which now are under direct attack. Likely, some of us will have to make a decision. To continue to uphold those values …or change tack and administrate the will of the new regime. I can only hope that we will have the courage to make the right choices when the time comes.

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