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Welcome back to another week of On Hiring! This week may be the best issue yet, featuring the Episode 1 of a very promising new recruiting focused podcast series, major news coming out of the most important network on the planet, actionable advice on copy writing, as well as a host of other great, original and thought provoking material from some of the best thinkers in the recruiting business today. If this issue isn’t recruiting brainfood, nothing else is!

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Hung Lee is the founder of Workshape.io – the revolutionary recruiting platform for Software engineers

Take the Work Out of Hiring : Facebook for Business

Bill Gates: the robot that takes your job should pay taxes

Culture is not something your organisation has. It’s something your organisation is.


Episode 1 — February 2017 by AirSource

Four Common Email Phrases That Make Recipients Reach For “Delete”

What Tinder, Grindr and Co can teach us about sourcing?

Work in the Future Will Fall into These 4 Categories

A Look At the Economic Factors Behind Global Job Search

How To Find Almost Any GitHub User’s Email Address 2.0

Forget Coding

Gender pay gap shows having children could be key

How to Close a Gender Gap: Let Employees Control Their Schedules

The Five: Tools to Find GitHub Profiles and Email Addresses

End notes
I’m in Berlin this week to meet with Workshape customers and friends, as well as speaking at HR Tech Berlin on the 22nd and TruBerlin on the 23rd. These are great events, so don’t let my chat put you off – sign up and come along!. Myself and the team are staying until the 25th, so get in touch if you’re in town and you want to talk tech recruiting or the future of the planet. DM me on twitter @HungLee or by email [email protected]

Have a great week everybody.