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Hung Lee is the founder of WorkShape.io – the revolutionary recruiting platform for Software engineers

Evidence That Robots Are Winning the Race for American Jobs

How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers’ Buttons

Men Without Work


Brexit’s Tech Brain Drain May Have Already Begun

Scala Interview Questions

Discover the World of Software Development

The De-Location Package?

Hustling the Hackathon

Let’s Do Trial Weeks

What’s Your University Degree Worth?

How to Be Someone People Love to Talk to

If No Reply

Turning Cyborg. You May be Microchipped in the Future


Who’s Hiring?
Corporate Recruiter, Booking.com, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Sourcing Recruiter, Booking.com, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Technology Sourcing Lead, Booking.com, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Head of HR, Simplesurance, Berlin, Germany
HR Manager, KHWS, London, United Kingdom
Talent Manager, KHWS, London, United Kingdom
Senior Recruiter, Criteo, London, United Kingdom
Recruitment Business Partner, Ordina, Nieuwegein, the Netherlands
Campus Recruiter, Ordina, Nieuwegein, the Netherlands

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Take a trip to StackOverflow’s London HQ this week for DBR’s DBA series. Ben Gately of CharlieHR is on the mike, along with OH subscriber Ben Kizitug of StackOverflow talking about culture change and – specifically – why not be afraid of it.
Don’t Be Afraid of Shepherding Cultural Change April 12th, London.

Food, drink, free to attend…..and I may be there. So what are you waiting for?

End Notes
I’m honoured to guest on BlogTalkRadio with the legendary John Sumseron his HRExaminer Big Ideas Podcast this week. On Wednesday April 12, 3pm GMT – drop in if you want to hear about data driven hiring and (probably) the future of the planet.

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