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Welcome to Issue No28! Some exceptional content for the On Hiring community this week – original posts, reports and research. Everything is worth a read but make sure you pay particular attention to PwC’s The Talent Challenge survey – well worth downloading.

Few shout outs
To friends in France who have a big decision to make today: bon chance!
To all the runners in today’s London Marathon: run well and good luck!
To everyone else: enjoy your lazy Sunday: here’s your recruiting brainfood 😉

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Hung Lee is the founder of WorkShape.io – the revolutionary recruiting platform for Software engineers

Roadmaps to becoming a developer in 2017

On “Culture” – “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means”.

Of Robots and Men

18 Extremely Intelligent Women Sourcers Share Their Favorite Search Strings

How SoundCloud Drive Hiring With Data

The Talent Challenge – PwC CEO Survey

Flow: A ‘non-recruitment’ tooling guide to recruitment

Why isn’t Holacracy working at Zappos?

The Whole Story of Holacracy at Blinkist

Forget coding, we need to teach our kids how to dream

Top Grading is the Absolute Worst

Discovery Demo

What programming languages are used late at night?

If You Haven’t Noticed Boolean is Back! These Are the Latest Changes to LinkedIn

Doubletick – Email tracking for Gmail

Who’s Hiring?
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, Farfetch, Porto, Portugal
Sourcing Specialist, Farfect, Porto, Portugal
People Innovation Business Partner (m/f), innogy, Berlin, Germany
People Innovation Business Partner (m/f), innogy, London, UK
Talent Acquisition Specialist, Contino, New York, USA
Talent Acquisition Associate (Finance/Ops), Just Eat, London, UK
Talent Acquisition Associate (Marketing/UX), Just Eat, London, UK

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End Notes
I’m honoured to be guesting on FireFish Software’s Crowdcast with Cameron McLennan, Indeed’s Matt Burney this Tuesday at 4pm GMT. We’ll be talking how Automation will shape the Future of Recruitment. Register for your spot here, and make sure you heckle us in real time.

Have a great week everybody.