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Welcome to Issue No30 of On Hiring! More news on Google’s entry into the jobs space, a great method post by the legendary Glen Cathey, a fantastic case study in VR from Intuit, a massive report from Startup Genome (download it and read) and much more besides. 

What’s not to love? It’s recruiting brainfood for your week ahead.

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Hung Lee is the founder of WorkShape.io – the revolutionary recruiting platform for Software engineers

Glen Cathey’s 7 Hacks for Winning Over Passive Talent

Here’s What We Know (and Don’t Know) About Google’s New Job Search

Seeing Theory

How Slack’s recruiters use Slack

A Boring Company

Onboarding isn’t enough

Measuring software engineering competency

The Top 100 Applicant Tracking Systems of 2017

The Skills of Leonardo da Vinci

How Intuit changed their Recruiting game in 10 days

Why Diversity Programs Fail

Google’s Hardest Moonshot: Debugging Its Race Problem

Japan is suffering from a ninja shortage amid huge demand from foreign tourists

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End notes
After being MIA for most of this past week with a hideous illness, I am back, fit and healthy and ready to take the on world of recruitment once again. Message me on Twitter @HungLee or email on [email protected] if you want to talk tech hiring or the future of the planet.

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