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In Issue 51, we’re talking chatbots, a Blockchain powered job board, an awesome list of sourcing tools and some very insightful articles from recruiting practitioners on the top of their game. 

Also keep an eye out for some great events, including a very interesting webinar from our buddies at Vettery. Check out the What’s On section.


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Rage Against the Template

How Anchor Trust Used Chabots To Recruit

Ping Pong, Desk Beers & Employee Benefits

Age of Product Scrum Master

What Happens to Ambition in Your 30s

How To Conduct A Programming Interview

There is No Funnel. Or Spoon

Generating Code From A Screenshot


The Future of Skills Employment In 2030

The Rise of Robots in the German Labour Market

How To Build A Career In Tech

The Ultimate List Of Sourcing And Productivity Tools For Recruiters In Tech

What’s On?
#truLondon Oct 2017

Vettery & Compass: The Art of Closing Top Candidates

RecTechFest 2017

Who’s Hiring?
Recruitment Manager (m/f), ResearchGate, Berlin, Germany
Talent Co-ordinator, carwow, London, United Kingdom
Talent Partner (Tech), carwow, London, United Kingdom
Talent Manager Iberia, Riot Games, Barcelona, Spain
Manager – EMEA, Red Hat, London, United Kingdom
Recruitment Manager, Catawiki, Amsterdam. Netherlands
Recruitment Manager, Holiday Extras, Hythe, United Kingdom
Director of People Operations, Qubit, London, United Kingdom
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