Dear Friends,

The attack at London Bridge and Borough Market yesterday was an act of savagery that sadly is becoming an all too regular part of our experience of city life. The purpose of these attacks is clear – to sow division and hatred amongst the peoples of a diverse, cosmopolitan and free society. This is not conjecture, but published doctrine of the enemy we face. We owe to the dead to refuse them this objective.

It is a hard truth that there are no easy answers to prevent this type of attack. Every citizen can become a terrorist, every vehicle or kitchen implement can become a weapon. Emotional responses – which I share and fully understand – will not produce safer outcomes for our citizens, and run the risk of doing precisely the opposite.

We are in the information age. Ideas, know-how and inspiration – malign or benevolent – can travel across the globe as easy as the air we breathe. But we do not give up because the problem is hard. We strengthen our resolve through the love of our friends, double our effort to preserve our society we’ve built and apply our ingenuity and courage to eliminate this threat. Which we will. Despair is not an option and hatred is the wrong choice.

Have hope, and stay safe, where ever you may be.


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What’s On?
Some great and important events coming up this week in London folks.

Recruitment Technology Showcase from the estimable Louise Triance of UK Recruiter fame. This will be a vendor meets buyer event, showcasing some of the most interesting recruitment tech solutions around. Starting from 10.00 AM on Wednesday 7 June,  Congress Centre, Great Russell Street, London.

UK General Election June 8. If you are registered voter in the UK, make sure you make your vote. You have all day so please make the time. You can find out where your polling station is here.

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End Notes
June is a super busy month on events, conferences and talks. I’m going to at some of these either as a delegate, speaker or gatecrasher, so message me on Twitter @HungLee or email on [email protected] if you want to meet up to talk tech hiring or the future of the planet.
Lets have a great week folks.