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Firstly, welcome to all our new subscribers this week! A late surge over the weekend has seen us blast through the 600 barrier to hit 636. We’ve now got recruiters & talent folks from companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft, Palantir, Facebook and many others sharing and consuming On Hiring’s weekly brainfood! Thanks everyone for your support, especially to OH subscribers Matt Bradburn and Mark Lundgrenfor the extra promo this week.

Secondly, the big news this week: we’re taking the OH community to livestream! I’ve got 4 guest slots on the RecruiterZone Crowdcast channel over the next month so the OH community has got no better opportunity to connect and talk hiring and the future of the planet. First show will kick off this week Wednesday at 15.30 BST with a topic selected from one of the most popular posts in the previous week.

First one coming up Culture Fit: is it just Class Snobbery in disguise?
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What’s On?
Folks in London might be interested in this event. 

Stephen O’Donnell is launching inaugural NORA RECex this week Tuesday 20th June 2017 at The Leicester Square Theatre. 

10 speakers from across the recruitment industry featuring the likes of Matt Jeffrey (SAP), Neil Morrison (Random House), Adele King (Virgin Atlantic), Johnny Campbell (Social Talent), Bill Boorman (TruConferences), Matt Alder (Recruiting Futures), John Down (The Dots), Liz Prince (Amiqus), Richard Brown (ARM) and…me. This will be filmed in front of live theatre audience by the awesome Nick Price at Working Films.

Starts at 12.30, finishes at 17.00 – beers at the Slug & Lettuce next door afterward. Get yourself a ticket folks (NB: OH subscribers might be entitled to a discount, so message me directly and I’ll see what I can do)

Who’s Hiring?
Inhouse Recruiter (m/f), ThoughtWorks, Köln, Germany
Senior Technical Recruiter, ThoughtWorks, Barcelona, Spain
Head of Recruitment, ThoughtWorks, Barcelona, Spain
Recruiter for Graduate Talent, ThoughtWorks, Barcelona, Spain
Talent Partner, Yieldify, London, United Kingdom
EMEA Recruiter, box, London, United Kingdom
College Recruiter, Palantir, London, United Kingdom
Recruiter, Palantir, London, United Kingdom
Technical Recruiter, Palantir, London, United Kingdom
People Operations Lead, Checkr, San Francisco, United States
Talent Acquisition Manager, Streetbees, London, United Kingdom
Senior Recruiter – Sales, Anaplan, London, United Kingdom

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Thanks for making this far. I’m still experimenting with content volume, and there’s a lot of stuff out there which I’ve had to leave out. Message me if you have any feedback or ideas how we can get better. I’m on Twitter @HungLee or email on [email protected] in all other cases.
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