Hey Everyone,

So HR Tech World Congress was excellent. It’s tough to put on a great conference, but Marc Coleman and the HRN crew have to know how to consistently pull this off. Surely now one of the must attend conferences in the HR / Recruiting tech calendar. They’re onto London, San Francisco and Amsterdam next – make sure you make your way to at least one of these.

My own thoughts on the state of HR Tech? I think we’re kind of in state of pregnant pause. Some cool stuff around, but to be honest, nothing much more interesting than the tech that has come out in the last 2 years. [Disclosure: most of you know I run @Workshape.io, of course the coolest of them all].

I put my thoughts down in Field Report.
Other news

Of course, some awesome content in this week’s On Hiring. I’m shooting for around 10-12 articles per issue – let me me know if that is the right volume, or if you like to see less or more. It’s early days for me on this service so your feedback needed and much appreciated.

Other other news
Martijn de Kuiper, CEO of Revue – this awesome newsletter service – is growing his team. Share this to your Growth Hacker friend – I’m confident this will be one of the best jobs in this space.

Sharing is caring folks. If you think On Hiring makes a contribution to your working life, please help me grow the audience. Great if you can do this on Twitter but it’s much better on Facebook, and best of all if you can directly recommend. Thank you!

Enjoy Issue No4 everybody – it’s On Hiring, recruiting brainfood for the week ahead.


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