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It’s all about Google Hire this week – we have app launch, full 1 hour product demo video, commentary from ATS competitors and two excellent opinion pieces from Matt Charney and Joel Cheeseman. We have even have pricing info – which appears to be extremely competitive – so make sure you take a deep dive into the collection here folks.

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Google Hire

Google Hire Product Demo

Shift: The Commission on Work, Workers & Technology 2017

Build a Team, Do the Job, Say Goodbye

Indeed has auto-interview questions on apply

Find out the gender pay gap for your job

Google for Jobs – How to get your Jobs Listed

When and Why To Start a People Team

LinkedIn InMails That Get Highest Response Rates

Data Science Workflow: Overview and Challenges

Bullshit detection for non-technical managers

Republican Party wins when robots take your job

Why Your Company Culture Should Match Your Brand

The Top Programming Languages 2017

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Technical Recruiter, Beamery, London, United Kingdom
Technical Recruiter, YouViewTV, London, United Kingdom
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