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So it’s a pretty big week ahead for us all as US goes to the ballot box this weekend. It’s incredible to see an outsider like Donald Trump in with a chance of the biggest job in the world. We all wish our friends in the US the best – may you choose wisely!

It’s also been a big news week in the world of recruiting. Monster / Randstad deal finally gets done. Dice more or less puts itself up for sale. LinkedIn bangs out a new product (salary predictor) whilst quietly withdrawing another (Booleans search on Recruiter Lite) and Indeed continues its invasion into everyone’s market with a launch of another product, this time a crowdsourced referral play. All this and more in this weeks On Hiring, along with the usual content on diversity, decision making, economics and the future of work.

It’s On Hiring: recruiting brainfood for the week ahead.

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My buddies at Yoyo Wallet are hiring for a Head of Talent. Greenfield role for funded UK Startup, currently pulling up trees in the mobile payments space. Email me if you want an intro or if you know of anyone who might be interested: [email protected]

NB: this might be a new feature if people think it’s relevant. Ping me if you have a need to hire a recruiter or Head of Talent.

Thanks it for the long intro – enjoy the Issue No5!

Hung Lee is the founder of Workshape.io – the revolutionary recruiting platform for software engineers

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End notes
I’m going to be in London for all of November, so around if you want to chat about tech hiring or the future of the planet, reach out on @HungLee, Facebook or write to me on email [email protected]
Have a great week everybody!