Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the 50th (!) issue of On Hiring.

When I started this project just under a year ago, it never occurred to me that we’d ever make this type of milestone. Thank you all for your kind messages, tweets, public shout outs and the rest – it is great to see so many in our industry get value from what we’re doing here and it’s super motivating for me to continue.

Hope you enjoy this edition – we got more great writing from First Round, great research from StackOverflow, a really funny / alarming twitter bot to follow and some great tips on how to be a better writer of email. Carry on folks!

Big shout out to:
Balazs Paroczay, David Green, Adam Bolton, Neil Foames, Neil Gunning, Katrin Kroll, James Ellis, Amy Wolcott, Felix Wetzel, Rachael Moss, Katharina Yombi, Alexander Tonelli, Jack Cox, Jonathan Long, Omar de Bary, Matt Bradburn and Tom Pyle for your public endorsements last week – I really appreciate it and it makes a huge difference!

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Stop Writing ‘I Hope You’re Well’ in Emails

Project: A

StackOverflow Developer Salary Calculator

Why Innovation Requires Chaos

Why is Python Growing So Quickly?


Every Company is Terrible at Firing Ineffective Engineers

Lazy Ants Make Themselves Useful in Unexpected Ways

My Father-In-Law Won’t Become a Coder No Matter What You Say

11 Personality Traits That Could Derail Your Career

Have a Skill? Travel the World for Free!

GitHub: Some Useful Websites for Programmers.

The Global Human Capital Report 2017

What’s On?
SourceCon 2017

Planning Your Growth: Scaling Your Team

Digitaal Werven (Digital Recruiting)

The Recruitment Conference 2017

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End Notes
Good luck to our friends in Germany who go to the polls today – make this a boring one eh? I’m in soon to be Uber-less London for the rest of the week, so will be around if you want to talk tech hiring or the future of the planet. Email at [email protected] or DM on twitter @HungLee.
Have a great week everybody.