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Welcome to the Anniversary edition of recruiting brainfood!

When I started this newsletter a year ago nearly to the day, I never imagined that we’d make it to Issue No52.

Thank you all for reading and supporting me throughout this past year. It’s been an incredible journey so far with you and one that I hope we can continue together. 

Recruiting Brainfood Annual I (Issue No 1-52)
To mark our first year anniversary together, we have a special gift. The Recruiting Brainfood Annual I is a 30 page compendium of the greatest hits selected from the 1000’s of articles that have been collected so far. It really is the best of the best, organised according into easy-to-search chapters using the taxonomy we come to establish – Artificial Intelligence, Cool Tools, Employer Branding and deeply linked so the good stuff is only ever one click away.
How do I get the book?
Naturally, this is 100% FREE for any subscriber! Just give recruitingbrainfood.com a shout out on LinkedIn as a status update and recommend it to your network. @mention me in so I can see you would like a copy and I’ll then DM the book straightaway. That’s it!
Thank you all again and here’s the next 12 months of some more recruiting brainfood!
Hung Lee is the founder of WorkShape.io – the revolutionary recruiting platform for Software engineers

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Robot Macroeconomics

On Improving Diversity in Hiring

How Feedback Improved Our Net Promoter Score

Job Page Grader

Scientists: Advertise Your Failures!

Blockchains: How They Work and Why They’ll Change the World

What’s On?

RecTechFest 2017

Who’s Hiring?
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Recruitment Manager, Tab Media, New York, United States
Sales Recruiter EMEA, InVisionApp, London, United Kingdom
Tech Recruiter, AND Digital, London, United Kingdom
Lead Technical Sourcer, GetYourGuide, Berlin, Germany
Senior HR Manager, GetYourGuide, Berlin, Germany
Technical Sourcer, GetYourGuide, Berlin, Germany
Talent Researcher, Founders Factory, London, United Kingdom
HR Director EMEA, Box, London, United Kingdom
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End Note
I’m in Amsterdam for most of this week, so if you’re at SOSU Europe, make sure you give me a shout. I’ll likely be live streaming some of talks, wandering about the stands or doing impromptu demo’s of WorkShape.io.
Grab me if you see me or catch me on twitter @HungLee. 
Have a great week everybody!