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Welcome to Issue No53 of Recruiting  Brainfood!

We’ve got an amazing issue for you all – great content from FirstRound, a new concept for me in ‘Organisation Network Analytics’, a ton of stuff on the Future of Work and a quite amazing data visualisation on Blockchain.

But first I need your help 
Last week a friend of mine, head of talent at a well known Series B funded Startup, asked me if I thought the ‘req load’ for her team was too high. I did. But I realised there was nothing more than gut instinct to back up my all-too-easy confirmation.

So I’m doing something about it:  “Internal Recruiters: What is your Req Load” is an anonymous survey and I need your help to get a decent data set. The results will be published here so everyone can get access to the report and the primary data. It takes 1 minute to do. Can we get 1,000 completions? With your help, I think we can.
Click on the link above and give this a go.

Thanks in advance!

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Who’s Hiring?
Talent Acquisition Partner (Sales), GoCardless, London, United Kingdom
Talent Acquisition Partner (Product & Eng), GoCardless, London, United Kingdom
Talent Acquisition Co-ordinator, GoCardless, London, United Kingdom
Recruiter (French speaking), Indeed, Dublin, Ireland
Employee Referral Recruiter, Indeed, Dublin, Ireland
Sourcer, Indeed, Dusselfdorf, Germany
Sourcer, Indeed, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Sourcer (x2), Indeed, Dublin, Ireland
International Technical Recruiter, Yelp, Hamburg, Germany
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Thanks all for your supportive messages following my comedy old man accident on Tuesday. The lesson learned: never fight furniture. I’ll be around in London this week, at RecFest on Thursday, so say hello.

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