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We’ve got more great content from FirstRound, original writing from recruiters at the coalface, a couple of outstanding reports (GDPR from Beamery, Employee Equity from Balderton – download them both) and long but necessary read from the FT.
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The Brainfood
The Three Secrets To Executive Recruiting

Why You Should Use Free Job Posting Sites

Founder Salary Calculator

Part II: Sourcing Effectiveness For Engineers

‘Shit Life Syndrome’

On Improving Diversity In Hiring

GDPR – The Complete Guide For Recruiting Teams

Switching Jobs

Change Your Words, Change Your Thinking

What Culture Is

The Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Will Create

Easy On The Eyes: How To Keep Readers Interested Online

Balderton Essential Guide to Employee Equity 2017

Who’s Talking?
Ep 110: Content Led Recruitment Marketing

Who’s Hiring?
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Talent Acquisition Associate (6 mth FTC), Badoo, London, UK
Technical Recruiter, Badoo, London, UK
Talent Acquisition Specialist, coinsquare, Toronto, Canada
Senior Recruiter, EMEA, okta, London, UK
Head of People, 3D Hubs, Amsterdam, Netherlands,
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I’m going to the Future Visions: AI and the future of work event at The Cube in East London on Tuesday. Thanks Christine Ng for the heads up on this. Give me a shout if you’re going, otherwise, reach out by email ([email protected]) or twitter @HungLee if want to talk hiring or the future of the planet.
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