Hey Everyone,
It’s Christmas Eve and you should be on holiday and not reading this, but if you can’t resist the brainfood, I entirely understand!
It’s the Recruiting Brainfood Christmas Special
I’ve reviewed the very best / most important posts in the newsletter from 2017 – nearly 1000 blog posts, video’s, documents, reports and tools. I’m bringing you the Top 3 in every category we’ve covered this year. There were so many great entries throughout the year, but these ones that really struck me as seminal posts, to be read, bookmarked and read again.

It’s way too big for the newsletter format but as it’s the season of over indulgence, lets not feel too guilty about it. Take your time folks and enjoy the brainfood!


Hung Lee is the founder of WorkShape.io – the revolutionary recruiting platform for Software engineers

Recruiting Brainfood: The Best of the Best in 2017
Artificial Intelligence
AI Playbook

Experts On The Pros And Cons Of Algorithms

Man+ Machine – Fundamentals of AI and Recruiting

Hiring Without Whiteboards

How To Ask Good Questions

Best Interview Questions We’ve Ever Published

The Ultimate, 3500-word, Plain English Guide To Blockchain

The New Technology of Trust

The Slow Death of the Firm

Candidate experience
Typical Mistakes Recruiters Make

The Complete Guide To Improving Your Candidate Experience

Death Of A Recruiter? I Don’t Think So

Cool tools
Compare City Technology Statistics


Sideways Dictionary

Overheard At First Round’s CTO Unconference

How You Should Think About Culture

The Atlassian Team Playbook

Diversity & Inclusion
Reflecting On One Very Strange Year At Uber

Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber

Lever’s Diversity & Inclusion Handbook

Employer branding
LookSee Wellington

PHP Developer With Zonneplan

Engineering Blogs Of Companies

Glen Cathey’s 7 Hacks for Winning Over Passive Talent

The Best Email Subject Lines

We Analysed 100 Million Headlines…

Future of Work
A History & Future Of The Rise Of The Robots

We Should Tax The Robots


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Privacy: OnRecruit

The Complete Guide For Recruiting Teams

Google Announces….. Google For Jobs

HiQ vs LinkedIn

Resume Assistant In MS Word

Scrape Emails From Conference Attendee Lists


Female Names In The US

End notes
So for anyone worrying that I am actually spending precious family time writing this newsletter, I’ve got a confession time. This newsletter was scheduled a week ago. I’m right now sleeping off a hangover and can only be woken by the smell of cooked breakfast….

We’re back next week at New Year’s Eve for another special – a look forward at what’s in store for us at brainfood, and the for rest of the industry, in 2018.

Enjoy your holiday break