Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the New Year’s Eve Special Edition of Recruiting Brainfood!

We did the mega retro of this years best posts last week (if you missed it, you can check it out here); it’s only fitting that for this final issue of the year, we look forward. The brainfood this week will follow a theme: they are all collections of tools, people, communities and resources that we in the talent business can all use to get better for 2018.

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Sponsors 2018: Update
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The Brainfood
Big List Of Recruiting Events To Attend In 2018

Folks To Follow On LinkedIn In 2018

Recruiting Communities To Join In 2018

Recruiting Podcasts To Subscribe To In 2018

Your 2018 Checklist For Plain Language

The Candidate Generator Tools List

Your Talent Tech Stack For 2018

Predictions For Developer EcoSystem 2018

World Inequality Report 2018

The Evolution of Trust

The 50 Big Ideas For 2018

What’s On?
Landing Festival – Future. Tech. Careers.

Who’s Talking?
Tech Tonic – A World Without Work

Who’s Hiring?
Tech Talent Acquisition Lead, Siteminder, Sydney, Australia
Talent Manager, Nested, London, UK
Talent Manager, Thread, London, UK
Office Manager / Talent Co-ordinator, Thread, London, UK
Senior HR Business Partner, Zalando, Berlin, Germany
Senior Talent Partner, Zalando, Berlin, Germany
Recruiting & On-Boarding Specialist, Instanda, London, UK
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End notes
It has been another crazy year on planet earth. 

As the world turns around us at seemingly ever dizzying speed, it’s critically important to remember that we are always stronger together. I hope that we – in this community –  will continue to share, support and inspire each other in the year ahead. I’ll be speaking to you all in the coming weeks to see how we can do this better.

Thank you for being with me so far on this journey.
I’m officially back in the saddle on the 4th January, so if you want talk tech hiring or the future of the planet, reach out by email ([email protected]) or twitter @HungLee.

If you’re out partying tonight, enjoy, take care and make it home safe.

Lets have a Happy New Year everyone!