Happy Easter everybody! Might this be the best brainfood issue ever? I think it could be: we’re talking recruiting metrics, social media algorithms, Candidate Discovery from Google, questions to ask when recruiting the recruiter, an amazing interactive infographic on income mobility and101+ recruiting hacks e-book from our buddies at Lever.  Enjoy the brainfood folks!

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The Brainfood
Google Launches Candidate Discovery

How To Collaborate Effectively If Your Team Is Remote

Our Guide To Becoming A Catawikian


Recruiting Metrics Benchmarked 2018

4 Psychological Techniques To Make Cold Email A Little Bit Warmer

Recruiting Interview Questions

Decoding Social Media Algorithms

What Does Code Reability Mean?

Income Mobility Charts for Girls, Asian-Americans and Other Groups. Or Make Your Own

How I Got My Dream Job Of Getting Paid To Watch Netflix

What’s On?
Destination Branding

Who’s Talking?
Interview With Google Hire’s Bogomil Balkansky

Build A Following Amongst Your Candidates

Who’s Hiring?
Senior Recruiter – Technology, Zalando, Berlin, Germany
Senior Recruiter – Commercial & Ops, Zalando, Berlin, Germany
Senior Recruiter, Pusher, San Francisco, USA
Internal Recruiter, dnata Travel, London or Kingston, UK
Human Resources Manager (w/m), SYZYGY, Bad Homburg, Germany
Recruiter (w/m), SYZYGY, Bad Homburg, Germany
Recruitment Sourcer, Nexmo, London, UK
Recruitment Co-ordinator, Nexmo, London, UK
Employer Brand Program Manager, Indeed, Dublin, Ireland

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