We’re talking UK’s Gender Pay gap reports, Cambridge Analytica and how Facebook’s inevitable response will impact sourcing, the Financial Times 1000 big list of fastest growing companies in Europe, ‘socially useless jobs’ and several superb reusable resources for recruiters & HR folks alike …enjoy this week’s brainfood folks!

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CareerArc Social Recruiting

The Brainfood
Expat Insider: Feeling (Un)Welcome Abroad


Our Plans to Restrict Data Access on Facebook

Gender Pay Gap Search Results

The Science of The Job Search, Part III: 61% of “Entry-Level” Jobs Require 3+ Years of Experience

The FT 1000: Complete List of Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies

Graphics Programmer: Checklist of Common Interview Questions

Socially Useless Jobs


Your Life In Numbers

ULTIMATE List of Growth Hacking Recruiters!!

The Dying Art of Fishing for Shrimp on Horseback

What’s On?
Sourcing Summit Germany

HR Uncubed

Innovation Circus

Who’s Talking?
The Future of Work is No Work!

Walk & Talk with Bill Boorman

Who’s Hiring?
Head of People & Culture (m/w), Comtravo, Berlin, Germany
Talent Acquisition Manager, RedCloud Technologies, London, UK
Talent Management Associate (m/f), Wayfair, Berlin, Germany
Senior HR Business Partner, Beamery, London, UK
Manager, People & Culture, Girl Effect, London, UK
Manager, Resourcing, Girl Effect, London, UK
People Lead, Permutive, London, UK
Senior Technical Recruiter, Kobalt Music, London, UK
Recruiter, Kobalt Music, London, UK
People & Culture Manager, Kobalt Music, London, UK

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