Q: Should Cousin Stephen Li do more data visualisations on the brainfood community?
A: Yes / No in reply to this email…
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Who’s Hiring?
Recruiter – Team Lead, Shopify, Toronto, Canada
Global Talent Acquisition Specialist, Siteminder, London, UK
Human Resource Business Partner, Houghton Int, Manchester, UK
Senior Recruiter, eyeo, Berlin, Germany
Technical Recruiter x 2, Foundry, London, UK
Head of Talent Acquisition, Financial Times, London, UK
Talent Acquisition Co-ordinator, Financial Times, London, UK
Internal Recruiter, We Are Keen, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Q: Brainfood needs a logo as my face looks really tired now. Do you agree?
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Looks like my face is staying on the newsletter, in a surprising vote of confidence from the brainfood community. Glad you like the personal touch folks – and thank you. Logo still needs to happen though, probably now just a cool typeface. Going need it for all the swag I’m putting together…

End notes
Thank you all sincerely for your birthday wishes yesterday. I am genuinely touched. I can also confirm that any middle age spread you might imagine seeing on me is a just optical illusion as I am fit, motivated, with the body of a 25 year old.

Have a great week everybody.