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Listen Notes

Who’s Hiring?
HR / Employer Branding Specialist, Mondelez, Prague, Czech Republic
HR Manager (People & Culture APAC), Deputy, Sydney, Australia
Tech Recruiting Lead, Deputy, Sydney, Australia
Manager (Sourcing & Campus Recruiting), Uber, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sourcing & Talent Manager, LabGenius, London, UK
Talent Acquisition (Healthcare Partnerships), Medopad, London, UK
Talent Acquisition (Tech), Medopad, London, UK
Global Director of Talent Acquisition, HelloFresh, Berlin, Germany
Talent Acquisition Contractor, Cornerstone, Santa Monica, USA

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End notes
I’m in London for the rest of this month, so reach out if you talk hiring or the future of the planet. Here’s an experiment – reach out to me on Insta at hung_lee where I have no idea what I’m doing.

Have a great week everybody.