Lets get straight into it folks – it’s Issue 96!
Special thanks this week goes to:
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The Brainfood
How to Hire World Class Engineers

Why Women Volunteer for Tasks That Don’t Lead to Promotions

Graduate Recruitment: The Benchmark Stats You Need to Know

17 Small But Powerful Shifts Every Company Should Make In Their Messaging

Accessibility Posters

Why the Tech Sector may not solve America’s looming Automation Crisis

Evolving Office Space

WhatsApp Chatbots – What Difference Does It Make for Recruitment?

4 New Job Post Stats That Will Help You Attract Candidates

The Holloway Guide to Equity Compensation

What’s On?
The Future of Recruitment Agencies

Nordic Recruitment Days 18: Copenhagen


Who’s Talking?
RECex 2018 – Joanne Lockwood

Business Storytelling With Shane Snow

Dialog – Bill Boorman / Explosive Chaos!

Who’s Hiring?
Recruiting Assistant (w/m/div), FinLeap, Berlin, Germany
HR Project Manager (f/m/div), FinLeap, Berlin, Germany
HR Specialist, Delta Electronics, Hoofddoorp, Netherlands
HR Specialist (Senior), Delta Electronics, Lisses, France
People Team Administrator, carwow, London, UK
Head of Talent, carwow, London, UK
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End notes
My experiment with digital nomadism is about to kick off this week – I’m travelling for 4 weeks to Asia-Pac from Thursday. Seeing relatives in Hong Kong, old friends in KL, all the Aussie brainfooders in Melbourneand Sydney, before a random 4 day break in Bangkok. Reach to me on twitter or Instagram if you’re in any of those places in the next month.
Cousin Stephen Li is house sitting and feeding the frogs, whilst brainfood should continue as normal.
Have a great week everybody.