So the first thing I did was hire Grandma because WorkShape sales support needs help. Next thing, is brainfood. Because it doesn’t matter if I’m on the other side of the globe, it’s BUA on brainfood. check out Issue 97, it’s a corker.
Special thanks this week goes to:
James Peters, Elaine Kilkelly, Adam Gordon, Denis Dinkevich, Luca Cicatelli, Charu Malhotra, Kevin Green, Jo Lockwood, Jo Weech, Oonagh Clarke, Inês Guerreiro, Tom Lakin, Johnny Campbell, Rich Lewis, Iulia Nicolaie, Kate Siddiqui, Will Dempsey, Sophie Power, Steve Jacobs. Vanessa Raath, Adam Rose, Chris Bell, Tate Bartlett, Rachel Kaplowitz, Kirsti Grant, Peter Winthrop, Brooke Gambrel and Jovan Sterling-Noel, thank you for your shout outs for brainfood last week. It’s the massive help to keep the community growing. Thanks!
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The Brainfood
Linkedin Workplace Learning Report 2018

Two Interesting Sourcing Tools

Best Times to Post on Social Media: 2018 Industry Research

The Case for Inclusivity

Manager Readme

How to Source Foreigners and Candidates from Abroad

Stop Hiring for Culture Fit

Digital Psychology

State of Artificial Intelligence 2018

Robot Security Guards on Patrol

What’s On?
Brainfood on Tour…in Hong Kong!

Creative Recruiting Strategies: Attract & Retain Top Talent

In-house Recruitment LIVE! London 2018

Who’s Talking?
Omarosa Reveals Secret White House Recording with John Kelly

The Wealth of Humans: Ryan Avent in conversation with Azeem Azhar

Who’s Hiring?
Talent Acquisition Specialist, Redbubble, Melbourne, Australia
Recruiting Assistant (w/m/div), FinLeap, Berlin, Germany
HR Project Manager (f/m/div), FinLeap, Berlin, Germany
Talent Acquisition Partner (p/t, temp), datto, Sydney, Australia
Recruiter, Signal, London, UK
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End notes
I’m in my Grandpa’s village, way up in the north in the New Territories near the border with the People’s Republic. There’s a massive flyover being built over the town, which is going to connect the mainland in Shenzen with this part of Hong Kong, all the way through to Kowloon in the south. Infrastructure – road and rail – the surefire way to keep restive provinces from separatism. Lets hope Hong Kong at least keeps a free-ish internet, at least for a little while.
Have a great week everybody.