Zostawcie to Polakom. Dla nich nie ma nic niemożliwego

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Who contributed to this guide?

We have 350 brainfooders resident in Poland, 34 of whom contributed to this guide. We have contributions from 13 internal recruiters, 7 recruitment agents, 10 HR manager, 1 Recruitment Trainer and 1 Recruitment vendor. Contributors came from many different cities in Poland including Warsaw, Crackow, Poznan, Katowice and Wrocław. 

What category best describes your work?

What city or town do you currently reside in?

What industry sectors do you have recruiting experience in?

Insights from Local Polish Recruiters

We asked all respondents to anonymously contribute their thoughts on working and recruiting in Poland. All but three of the contributors were Polish nationals and those who are not state that they currently live and work in Poland. Here is a summary of their best quotes, followed by advice to a non-native recruiter derived from that insight.

Easy Pickings for Tech Talent is Over

“Do not expect the big pool of tech candidates. Maybe true 10 years ago, but not anymore. It’s really challenging to find a strong candidate for reasonable money. For tech recruitment it is very competitive market and there is a real fight for candidates so – strong focus on employee and candidate experience needed. I would say that the challenges are now very similar to tech recruiting in Wester European markets. One caveat – polish coders do seem to prefer international projects, so bear this in mind when doing outreach to the market:”

Anna FZ_1

Anna Filar-Zajac, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Air Liquide

Recruiter Tip: Set expectations with hiring managers accordingly


The Last Day of the Month

“In Poland, the notice period starts its execution on the last day of the month that the candidate hands written notice in – it’s not counted from the actual day the candidate formally hands notice.

For example, if you hand in your notice in March 14th, your actual notice period (however long it is, depending on type contract) starts from March 31st to say June 30th, if one month notice.

This has an impact on how resignations typically happen in Poland – it is at the end of the every month”

Recruiter Tip: The ‘one full month notice’ rule means a monthly rhythm of vacancies opening up – do your business development / relationship management in the last week of the month

3 Types of Employment Contracts

“We have 3 types of contracts: employment contracts, contracts of mandate and B2B (consultancy) contracts.

The main differences are based on how close a relationship you have with the employer, and the division of tax, insurance obligations between employee & employer.

B2B Consultancy contracts are very popular for engineering market – the candidates know their worth, pay less insurance, less tax and have greater flexibility. If you’re hiring for tech, you’re probably hiring B2B”

contract of employment

Recruiter Tip: Clearly establish employment contract type before accepting a requisition 


English proficiency: regional, generational & sectoral

“Be aware that people around 40-50 do not speak English that much as they were learning Russian for almost whole their school-life. Young people from smaller cities have troubles too.

I would add that most candidates outside the IT/Tech industry will be reluctant to speak with a recruiter in a foreign language, regardless of whether it is English or Russian.

In recruiting – as the demand is most high in IT and in big cities – we can often forget this”

Recruiter Tip: Understand the metropolitan bubble exist and that it isn’t all there is


Candidates from Poland may not be familiar with chitchatting, especially if they didn’t have previous international experience. They may be surprised if you ask them “how are you?” – some may even start telling you how they have a headache, how their cat was vomiting this morning etc and treat the ‘small talk’ like a genuine question.

We also like to complain. But this doesn’t mean there is something bad happening or that we are unhappy, or that we want to make some changes, or that we won’t do the job – it’s kind of like our version of small talk.

Polish people can also be formal in communication, especially written and especially in the beginning of a relationship. Don’t worry about this – it is because Polish language enforces rather formal communication with strangers and we tend to copy that into English”


Recruiter Tip: Rapport building is not based on small talk


Candidate Engagement

“We Poles may be less responsive and have many doubts at the beginning but it’s only because we as a nation need as much information as we can before we fully engage in some topic.

Also Polish candidates are generally afraid to speak English, even if they have completed a lot of courses – usually the English level is quite good so this is a matter of confidence – please remember this when talking to a candidate!

As ever, patience, genuine care for the candidate, long term relationship building – will go a long way”

Recruiter Tip: Provide a lot of context before making requests for commitment

Visas for ‘Neighbouring Countries’

“As a member of the EU and Schengen area, Polish recruiters  have no legal problem hiring any citizen from another EU (or in the Schengen area) country, though those workers will need to register in the local town hall within 3 months of arriving in the country. Poland also has special rules for citizens from so called ‘Neighbouring Countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Moldova & Georgia) in which you can hire citizens from there with little difficulty. It is most popularly used for Ukraine and Belarus candidates though. Things can get much more complicated for non-EU, non-neighbouring countries – people must wait up to 8 months for working visa in “Wojewódzki Urząd Pracy”

poland belarus ukraine

Recruiter Tip: Ukraine & Belarus likely to be strong labour markets for IT/Tech hiring


Mandatory Medical Examination

“Before you can be accepted for a job, you have to get a medical examination, This can surprise foreigners but is standard practice in Poland. I have never had a situation where someone was denied work due to a medical exam but I suppose it can happen

Also, you will need to retake your medical exam if you take a prolonged absence from work due to illness or injury. I believe it is 6 weeks, then you have to retake the medical exam”

Recruiter Tip: Don’t forget to brief non-Polish candidates on this mandatory procedure

Holidays allocated according to Seniority

“In Poland, how many holidays you get is calculated mainly through your experience i.e the more senior you are, the more days holiday you receive. Broadly, you will fall into two categories – under 10 years and over 10 years experience. 

For example, if you have less than 10 years of experience (including studies), you will receive 20 days of holidays per year; more than 10 years experience, you will receive 26 days of holidays per year. College/Uni education counts as 8 years, so if you’ve graduated, you get your 6 extra vacation days only after 2 years of employment. Also; this only works for regular employment contracts, not b2b or contract of mandate mentioned earlier in the guide.

This allocation does not include mandatory public holidays like Easter, Christmas and so on”

STOCKHOLM 20071026
Högsta domstolen på Riddarhustorget 
Foto Leif R Jansson / SCANPIX / kod 10120

Recruiter Tip: 10 year threshold might have some impact on candidate mindset



“It is more common that companies in Poland accepts “western” organization culture – more open, honest, global approach. I would say now that company culture in Poland is very similar to the culture in an average western company of a similar size 

Also there is a sense that companies are in transition state – from hierarchical to flat, based on maturation of the business. Extensive internationalisation of the polish workforce, many international companies in Poland, large highly skilled diaspora, many now returning to Poland to set up businesses, is making this trend”

Recruiter Tip: Many company cultures will be analogous to those in Western Europe

The Catholic Church

“It’s important to understand the impact of the Catholic religion on the Polish society. It has become more powerful during the communist regime, when the Catholic church was home to the opposition. It has been entangled in the politics ever since, and has impact over legislation and social attitudes. You will undoubtedly feel it’s impact on the employment world as well if you’re recruiting in Poland.

A good example is the “no trade Sundays” law, which prohibits opening shops on Sundays, with a few exceptions every year. A lot of religious holidays are also national holidays, with businesses closed across the country”

Kasia Tang, Recruitment Trainer, Kasia Tang

Recruiter Tip: Respect the Sabbath. No one works on Sundays

Best sites, tools, communities, events & people

The purpose of these guides is collect information from local recruiters. As such, the following list(s) of services describes the responses of these recruiters when asked questions which usually began with the formula ‘what is the best X’. All services mentioned are listed, with the order determined by frequency of citation. It’s the verdict of the local recruiters with no editorialising from brainfood!

ServiceDescription%age cited
PracujPolish language general job board16.78%
Just Join ITPolish language engineering / IT job board15.38%
LinkedInProfessional social network9.09%
No Fluff JobsSoftware engineering jobs9.09%
FacebookSocial network (presumably fb targeted ads)6.99%
OLXUsed mainly for blue collar jobs5.59%
Facebook GroupsFree job postings within specific fb groups3.50%
InfopracaPolish language general job board3.50%
Careers in PolandJob board for immigrants into Poland3.50%
GithubOpen source collaboration service2.80%
IndeedJob board / aggregator2.80%
profesjaPolish language, blue collar2.80%
University job boardsSee ‘Best Universities’ segment2.80%
bulldogjobsIT / Software engineering job board2.80%
PracaPolish language general job board2.10%
skillshotPolish language job board for game developers2.10%
Company career siteCompany career site2.10%
rocketjobsDigital, SEO, Marketing jobs1.40%
CrossjobSoftware engineering jobs1.40%
GlassdoorReview site with job board function0.70%
GoldenLineJob board, now looks merged with GazetaPraca.pl0.70%
joberGeneralist job board, mainly blue collar0.70%
karierawfinansachFinance, banking, professiona services job board0.70%
StackoverflowQ&A site for software engineers0.70%
rubyonrails.plLocal forum for ruby devs0.70%
ServiceDescription%age cited
LinkedInProfessional social network39.76%
GitHubOpen source collaboration software16.87%
Stack OverflowQ&A site for software engineers13.25%
FacebookSocial network8.43%
GoldenlinePolish language candidate database8.43%
MeetupSocial network6.02%
GoogleMeaning Google X-ray techniques2.41%
AmazingHiringPeople aggregagtor, focused on IT1.20%
4programmersOnline community1.20%
rubyonrails.plOnline community1.20%
TwitterSocial network1.20%
Recruitment Open Community (ROC)Online FB group and offline events series, main community in Poland62.22%
Webski HRHR focused private networking group, organised on fb11.11%
EB MastersEmployer branding commmunity8.89%
#OMGkrkKrakow Startup Community2.22%
HR Inspirations & Networking PolandN/A2.22%
HR po godzinachFacebook group for HR practitioners2.22%
IT Recruiters PolandN/A2.22%
Robota w EBEmployer branding fb group2.22%
The Community Attract & RecruitN/A2.22%
The Hidden HerosMeetup group for HR / Recruiter professionals2.22%
EventDescription%age cited
ROC DaysQuarterly events organised by ROC, rotating around main cities in Poland29.82%
EB Masters EventsBreakfast event series17.54%
Webski HRHR focused event series12.28%
OpenCoffeeNot specific to recruitment5.26%
Absolvent Talent DaysCareer fair series3.51%
CRASH MondaysInteresting meetup concept, focused on learning topic in ‘crash cours’ style3.51%
HR CampLong running Polish language annual conference focused on HR3.51%
HR na deserEnglish translation ‘HR Embassy’3.51%
#OMGKRK EventsFor the startup community, but plenty of recruiter / hiring focus1.75%
4DevelopersMulit-disciplinary event for developers1.75%
Career Expo PolandLarge scale careers fair1.75%
Confidence PolandLong running international IT security conference1.75%
DevoxxFor developers, by developers; international event series1.75%
Enterprise MondaysKrakow based meetup series for entreprenuers1.75%
GeeCONInternational event series, for developers1.75%
Geek Girls CarrotGlobal organisation focused on getting more girls into STEM; many Polish located events1.75%
Brunch EBBrunch meet up series1.75%
PLNOGTech conference for network operators1.75%
PersonJob title%age cited
Kasia TangRecruiting & Sourcing Trainer31.94%
Maja GojitowskaEmployer branding consultant15.28%
Jacek KrajewskiBusiness Development Manager9.72%
Maciej StegaHR freelancer4.17%
Piotr ProkopowiczCo-founder of Freenovation4.17%
Marta DobrzańskaCEO of Great Digital4.17%
Mateusz MachaFounder of Humeo2.78%
Paulina BastaCHRO at TechLand2.78%
Zyta MachnickaCEO at Lightness2.78%
Dominika DudekCulture & People Specialist at Tooploox1.39%
Ekin BayildiranTalent Sourcing Partner1.39%
Jagoda CzopHR advisor1.39%
Karolina LatusCo-founder of HR Embassy1.39%
Kasia MichalakBusiness Development Manager1.39%
Katarzyna Durak-WośHRBP at Vewd Software1.39%
Katarzyna SobótkaRecruitment Manager1.39%
Lukasz KolodziejczykStaffing Manager at GFT1.39%
Maciej MazurekCOO at Bee Talents1.39%
Maciej MichalewskiCEO at Element1.39%
Sylwia Czajka-JansenCEO at SC Jansen1.39%
Tomasz DrabikIT Recruiter1.39%
ServiceCount%age cited
Kasia Tang1132.35%
Bee Talents617.65%
HR Embassy38.82%
Maja Gojtowska25.88%
Adrian Gamon12.94%
Coders Lab12.94%
Great Digital12.94%
Langas Group12.94%
UniversityCount%age cited
Uniwersytet WarszawskiUniversity of Warsaw87.50%
Uniwersytet Jagiellonskiaka University of Kraków84.38%
AHG USTaka Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza University of Science and Technology65.63%
Szkoła Główna HandlowaSGH Warsaw School of Economics40.75%
Politechnika WarszawskaWarsaw University of Technology25.00%
Politechnika WrocławskaWroclaw University of Technology18.75%
Koźmiński Business School (LKAEM)Top ranked private business school15.63%
Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w PoznaniuAdam Mickiewicz University in Poznan9.38%
Politechnika PoznańskaPoznan University of Technology9.38%
Politechnika GdańskaGdańsk University of Technology6.25%
Technical University of Warsawaka Warsaw University of Technology6.25%
Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w KrakowieCracow University of Economics6.25%
University of LodzPublic research University6.25%
Uniwersytet WrocławskiUniversity of Wroclaw6.25%
Uniwersytet Adama MickiewiczaAdam Mickiewicz University in Poznan6.25%
Wroclaw University of EconomicsOne of 10 public universities in Wroclaw6.25%
Politechnika ŚląskaSilesian University of Technology6.25%
Gdansk University of TechnologyOne of the oldest Universities in Poland3.13%
Medical University in WarsawMedical University in Warsaw3.13%
Nicolaus Copernicus University in TorunNamed after Nicolas Copernicus who was borned in Torun3.13%
Wyższa Szkoła ZarządzaniaPolish Open University3.13%
Politechnika KrakowskaTadeusz Kościuszko University of Technology3.13%
Uniwersytet GdańskiUniversity of Gdańsk3.13%
Universytet Ekonomiczny PoznańThe Poznań University of Economics and Business3.13%
Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW)aka SGGW3.13%
ServiceCount%age cited
Bee Talents1017.54%
Do not cooperate with agencies47.02%
Eagle Eye Staffing35.26%
HR Contact11.75%
Hunt IT11.75%
IT contract11.75%
IT Kontakt11.75%
IT Rules11.75%
K&K Selekt11.75%
Lobo HR11.75%
ServiceCount%age cited
Michael Page311.11%
Goldman Recruitment13.70%
HR Contact13.70%
ServiceCount%age cited
Michael Page28.33%
Eagle Eye Staffing14.17%
Goldman Recruitment14.17%
HR Contact14.17%
IT Rules14.17%
Lobo HR14.17%
Monika Michalak14.17%
Toolbox 4 HR14.17%
ServiceCount%age cited
Michael Page416.67%
Alexander Mann28.33%
DK Executive Search14.17%
HR Contact14.17%
Korn Ferry14.17%
Lobo HR14.17%
Stanton Chase14.17%
ServiceCount%age cited
Alexander Mann Solutions519.23%
Bee Talents27.69%
Korn Ferry13.85%
Michael Page13.85%
Pontoon Solutions13.85%
WilsonHCG Poland13.85%
ServiceCount%age cited
NoFluff Jobs222.22%
ServiceCount%age cited
HCM Deck26.25%
Just Join IT13.13%
Talent Alpha13.13%
Talent Place13.13%
image credit: livepopulation

How does Poland compare vs the Rest of the World?

The methodology is based frequency of citation / number of contributors to generate a percentage of the responder population which made the citation. This ‘frequency score’ is compared against other countries and against global averages.

Percentage of respondents who cited LinkedIn as a primary source for active sourcing

LinkedIn for posting jobs?

Screenshot 2019-08-24 at 19.45.59

LinkedIn for active sourcing?

Screenshot 2019-08-24 at 19.52.42

Email as preferred channel for candidate first contact

Screenshot 2019-08-24 at 19.58.19

‘Not enough candidates’ as main problem in hiring

Screenshot 2019-08-24 at 20.11.17

If I was hiring in Poland right now, I would…..

1. Join the Recruitment Open Community (ROC)

2. Make friends with Kasia Tang

3. Skinny up on employment contract types, especially for tech workers

4. Send re-engagement emails in the penultimate week of every month

5. Be prepared for low reactor reactions on first contact

6. Understand the regional, generational and cultural divisions in the country

7. Focus on Ukraine & Belarus as source sites for candidates, especially for IT skills

8. Monitor the vibrant online IT / Tech job posting / job board scene,

9. Candidate experience – especially for tech – is key

10. Respect the Sabbath

Thanks to Bee Talents, an IT/Tech recruitment agency, for spreading this report further!

Leave it to the Poles. Nothing is impossible for them

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