Navin Hathiramani

Interim Recruiter at eparec

Dear 13 Year Old Me,

I know you’re currently into Michael Jackson, Madonna, George Michael and Whitney Houston. While these are all great artists (with some dead bodies in their closets, but more about this later) whose music you will enjoy even now, please start listening to The Beatles intensively now and not only in three years’ time. Their music and your investigation in to their history changed you and your view of the world profoundly and literally blew your mind. By starting now, you might start learning to play an instrument (which you do start but never follow through, more about this later as well) at a young age and not have to struggle with it in your forties.

On a more serious note: think about who you choose to be your idols

In fact, think about whether idols are needed at all. Without being able to go into the details (Butterfly Effect, Time-Space-Continuum etc) but nobody seems to be what or who they are and unfortunately many have the dead bodies in their closet I hinted on earlier in this letter. Choose certain aspects of people to admire, to attain and make them your own. Just like you are lucky enough to be able to choose the best out of your multi-cultural background (born and raised in Germany by expat Indians who themselves grew up in Hong Kong and Japan/Germany respectively) No one is all good (or all bad for that matter), which makes finding out about the not so nice things a difficult thing to process and digest.

With regards to your future career path

You love communicating with people and getting to know them. I know you see yourself as some big shot CEO-founder-billionaire in the future but think about what makes you happy and then get paid for doing it when sounding out your career. Find something to do that gives you the possibility to interact with as many different people with as many different backgrounds as possible.

“You’re not a cat”

Another thing about you is your curiosity and hunger to learn new things. Unfortunately, you start a lot of things but don’t follow them through. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying chose a few and see them through. In fact, try even more things that interest you, maybe just see one or two things through until the end. In any case, cherish that curiosity, since you’re not a cat, what harm can it do?

Be aware of the privileges you enjoy

because you are from an educated and middle-class family. And that you are a man in a man’s world. Although you are a brown kid in a mostly white community and you will find there are some with many more privileges than you, don’t just look “up” and fight the inequality there, but look “down” as well and fight even harder against the inequalities the less fortunate than you have to endure. Understanding them and their plight will help you fight injustices everywhere.

“Life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans”

John Lennon,1980

This is spot on the best definition of life you will have heard in 46 years on this planet. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan or even dream great things (or small things for that matter) but that you shouldn’t be shocked or thrown out of balance if they don’t come true. Because they almost never will. It means that you will have to adjust your plans and dreams according to the one force no one controls, and no one ever will: life. So, like your 46 year-old-self, whenever something different than expected, good or bad, happens, don’t brood on it. but embrace it. Alter the plan and follow it as far as you can. Repeat.

Finally, I leave you with this

you will have to grow up and act like an adult soon enough, you will be responsible for the family as the eldest son long before your peers. Till then and even after, live your life. Do the crazy things you have done, do and will do! Keep that child-like curiosity and even more so, enthusiasm. Love the people you love with all you’ve got and cherish every second you have with them. Learn something new every day. Not just academically, but in every aspect.

Enjoy, Kiddo, it’s a hell of a ride.

Thank you Navin Hathiramani for writing A Letter To My 13 Year Old Self

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