Timothy Wong Kon Loi

Founder, WKL Consultancy

Being born and spending the first 12 years growing up in Paramaribo

I can tell you it was a great time. My dad was a Doctor(retired now), my Mom had her own businesses and is where I get my business acumen from. I had a normal childhood – I think ;-). Living in I Paramaribo, we had a big house and big yard with 15 dogs – I had a big rooster as a pet – it was a lot of fun spending time in the yard with my brother and our pets. I do miss these times

I moved with my parents at the age of 12 to the Netherlands

Then the atmosphere in the Netherlands was totally different towards you – you were called an immigrant not like now were they call you an expat. Anyway….enough negativity 😉

Now I’m living in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, started my career working for a British recruitment company in Amsterdam. With my positive and detailed attitude I was successful in my job, growing from a junior to managing my own team of 9 which I build from scratch in just over 2 years. A few awards and years later I decided to leave and join a recruitment startup.

Disaster struck in the form of the financial crisis

and we had to work even smarter/harder to become successful and we did very good. The moment came for me to try expat live abroad with me moving to Dubai and London for a 1-1,5 years each, before heading back to Amsterdam. Started my own business and the rest, as they say, is history. Until Corona decided to visit!

As tips I would give me 13 year old self

life will hit you with multiple curveballs and it is up to you to hit them out of the park. Never give up, or give in. Focus on your dreams and personal goals. Success will come in many different forms. Money is not success it is a byproduct of you never giving up.

You will be broke at least 1 time in your life, but you have the brainpower to overcome this. Do your best to live a healthier life 😉 – it will help you when getting older, trust me on this one. Look for people who share your vision and culture/mentality, discard those who do not fit your requirements.

All in all enjoy life, eat great food, laugh mega hard.

Thank you Timothy Wong Kon Loi writing A Letter To My 13 Year Old Self

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